About Us

Andrew Doucet, RSEadoucet medal

After working for other companies for many years, Andrew wanted more control over his core values of honesty, doing quality work and putting the customer first so, that’s why he decided to start his own business in 2010.

Andrew has over 30 years combined experience and is a certified Red Seal HVAC-R technician.

He has built his business on word of mouth referrals because he truly knows what he is doing, he is fair and gives excellent customer service. He follows safety standards and when doing installations he has teamed up with a licensed electrician that has these same values.

He is knowledgeable and has vast experience in the fault finding area. He believes that any problem can be solved with a process of elimination. Due to his comprehensive understanding of the complex technical requirements that this industry needs, he has won awards and has been selected for special dealer programs because of his skills and commitment.

When you meet Andrew, you quickly realize that he is very passionate of his work.  He truly wants what’s best for the customer.  It’s no wonder that after Andrew started his business, the word got around and he quickly climbed to be one of the preferred technicians around.

Coolness in The Summer. Warmth in The Winter. Integrity ALL YEAR LONG!! The Job isn't done, until it's done right!