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Work in the HVAC-R industry must be performed by a certified Red Seal HVAC-R professional and could also include one HVAC-R apprentice.  For quality work and safety reasons, the apprentice must always be under direct supervision of the Red Seal professional.

It’s your right!  Ask to see their credentials…

Don’t be caught with a “parts changer” technician.
Choose someone that will fix what is ACTUALLY broken!

We believe that any problem can be solved with a process of elimination.  This can only be done properly if someone has a comprehensive understanding of the complex technical requirements that this industry needs.

The knowledge, the vast experience in fault finding along with the silver and gold medals won at the Skills Competition is a testament to the hard work, dedication and high standard of excellence we provide.


Frustrated because you can’t get your heat pump serviced properly?

No worries, we know how frustrating and hard it can be to get the right guy to fix your heat pump. With our knowledgeable technician, we’ll get your unit going …


When choosing Andrew’s Air Care Inc. you’ll get over 30 years’ experience and you can rest assured that we will only have the proper qualified technicians to work for you.

  • Red Seal certified HVAC-R
  • Insured
  • Follows safety standards
  • Hires a licensed electrician for electrical work
  • Can service your equipment properly with no guess work!
  • Will give you quality work
  • Is honest
  • Very efficient
  • Remarkably knowledgeable
  • Award-wining

Coolness in The Summer. Warmth in The Winter. Integrity ALL YEAR LONG!! The Job isn't done, until it's done right!