Quality Installation

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Quality Installation

After seven years, we had had enough of our old system and the company that installed it. Water damaged floor because of improper drainage, hole blown in the refrigerant piping because of bad wiring, multiple refrigerant leaks because of poorly formed flanges, ... the system basically broke once a year. Andrew replaced the entire system. The difference between the new system and the old system, even when it was running at it's best, is huge. There is now plenty of heating and cooling. You can see Andrew's attention to detail just by looking at the finished installation. Unlike the company that installed our old system, Andrew hires electricians to do the electrical work. I am not an expert with mini splits, but I was at home when both systems were installed. Andrew's installation beat our old installation in every aspect. I recommend Andrew to anyone looking into installing a heating system. His professionalism and attention to detail is a refreshing change from others who claim to give great service, but fail to even install systems properly.

Daniel and Cheryl Bastarache

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